• Humanitarian Services

    As well as being a teaching physician, Dr LaCasse participates with: 

    DOCARE International is a medical outreach organization dedicated to providing much-needed healthcare to indigent and isolated people in remote areas around the world. 

    Seventh Generation - a community based volunteer program for the special needs of children who are wards of the juvenile court. 

    Orchards Children’s Services is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian  child welfare agency licensed by the state of Michigan and nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Children and Families (COA). As the Southeast Michigan Region’s premiere foster care, child welfare and adoption agency Orchards is dedicated to providing high quality professional services to children, youth and families in Michigan. 


    Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization committed to making a difference by creating life changing opportunities for youth and their families. DHDC has a wide range of comprehensive, bilingual services that reach thousands of youth, adults and families annually, primarily in Southwest Detroit.

    Dr. LaCasse and her husband were able to have a laser donated to the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation and her residents provide free laser treatment to ex-gang members to help them get back into society.


    In addition to residents of the Detroit Metro Area, 

    Dr. LaCasse travels abroad on volunteer medical missions to Guatemala and Peru. She joins a team of medical specialists in a desire to offer care to underprivileged villagers who often trek for days through the jungle seeking medical attention. She feels greatly rewarded and humbled by the experience. 

    Dr. LaCasse participated in twenty nine medical missions throughout Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Peru, the Amazon, and the Andes. She volunteered for a medical outreach organization dedicated to providing much needed healthcare to indigent and isolated people in remote areas. There were many challenges including long days starting out with two to three hour commutes to remote areas, transporting supplies and equipment, but the rewards made up for them. "Going on a mission like this and caring for these patients was quite inspiring."