Products We Carry In Office

Commerce Institute of Skin offers the very best skin care products available. Many of the brands we carry are only offered through dermatologists or plastic surgeons because of their pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Photo-Damage / Anti-Aging:

Bioserum - (pen) intensive spot treatment for fine lines and wrinkles

Bioserum 7 - (7 vials) intensive spot treatment for fine lines and wrinkles

Blanche - skin lightening cream

Journee - anti-aging day cream

Kelo-Cote - reduces scars

Perle - skin brightening cream

Retinol 5X - smoothing serum w/retinol and green tea for tolerant skin

Retinol 10X - smoothing serum w/retinol and green tea for advanced treatment

Tensage Ampules - concentrated serum to drastically improve aging skin

Vitamin C Serum - skin brightening

Tensage Advanced Cream - long-term moisturization and regenerating cream

Sun Protection:

DNA Repair SPF 40 - damage control sunscreen

Tizo 3 SPF 40 - water resistant facial mineral fusion

Z-SILC SPF 30 - sunblock with zinc

Sheer Sunscreen Cream and Spray SPF 50 - antioxidants with zinc


Gly 10 Wash - Soap-free;antioxidants with green tea


Enriched Facial Cream - moisturizer with vitamins and green tea

Glycolix 15% Body Lotion - softer smoother skin

Eye Products:

Neotensil - daily under eye reshaping procedure

Eye Repair - retinol with green tea

Illume Eye Cream - improves the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Latisse - treatment to grow lashes - (w/brushes or w/out brushes)

Lumiere - intensive line smoothing eye cream

Tensage Eye Cream - skin tightening eye cream


Glytone Acne Lotion - tinted sulfa lotion

Benzoyl Peroxide with Aloe Wash - eliminates bacteria and exfoliates skin

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